In the shadows of society’s gaze, there exists a group of silent sufferers whose voices often go unheard and pain remains unseen - the children of incarcerated parents, who are carrying the weight of stigma and judgement as a result of their family circumstances. Studies have shown that these children and youths are 3 times more susceptible to following their parents’ missteps and falling into the vicious cycle of offending owing to a myriad of socio-economic, psychological and environmental factors. At NeuGen, we hope to prevent intergenerational offending through our journey with each of them and programmes designed to empower and uplift their lives simply because they harbour aspirations for a brighter future and have much to offer to the community.We believe every child deserves a chance in life. Through your contribution, join us in this movement to boost their confidence, provide academic support, rebuild family bonds and most importantly, empower the next generation! Together, let’s build new lives, new futures for the children.

New Lives, New Futures
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